When two boy bunnies fall in love

This is a post about a cute little bunny.  A cute little gay bunny.  A cute little gay bunny who is a boy and falls in love with another cute little gay boy bunny.  A cute little gay boy bunny who marries the other cute little gay boy bunny, and they hop happily ever after.

Nothing out of the ordinary there.  Except, the first cute little bunny is famous.  His name is Marlon Bundo, and he is the real-life pet of Vice President Mike Pence’s family — the same Mike Pence who has spent his entire career trying to make life more difficult for queer Americans and people living with HIV/AIDS.  He has proposed that Federal taxpayer money that helps people with HIV pay for costly and life-saving medications through Title II of the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act would be better spent on people (and this is a quote taken directly from his campaign website for his first run for Congress in 2000) "seeking to change their sexual behavior;” that proposal, combined with his unwavering support of Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family — which teaches that people can change their sexual orientation from gay to straight if they “cooperate with God in the process of becoming more like Jesus” — has led to the conclusion that the vice president supports “conversion therapy,” which has been roundly discredited by reputable medical science.

If that wasn’t bad enough, as governor of Indiana, Mike Pence signed into law a measure that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of so-called "religious freedom.”  These “religious objection” laws are nothing more than legalized discrimination cleverly disguised as first amendment rights issues — but it’s important to remember that while the Constitution guarantees all Americans the right to follow the religious beliefs of their choosing, it also guarantees that religious beliefs cannot be imposed by means of civil law upon those who do not freely profess them.

marlon bundo

That said, Charlotte Pence, the vice president’s daughter, wrote a children’s picture book entitled Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President, with illustrations by the vice president’s wife, Karen.  Emmy-award winning comedian and current events commentator John Oliver commissioned a second book, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, a gay romance between two bunnies, a mocking rebuke of the vice president’s abhorrent anti-LGBTQ positions.

By yesterday afternoon, John Oliver’s book was #1 on Amazon’s best-seller list, knocking pre-ordered copies of the upcoming memoir by now-fired FBI director James Comey, A Higher Loyalty:  Truth, Lies, and Leadership, down to #2!  Ms. Pence’s Marlon Bundo book was only #5.

John Oliver is donating all of his best-selling book’s profits to The Trevor Project, a crisis and suicide intervention organization for LGBTQ youth, and AIDS United, a national non-profit organization based in Washington DC dedicated to ending the AIDS epidemic in the United States.

While John Oliver’s book has already sold out, another printing is in the works.  It’s available in hardcover, on Kindle, and as an audiobook voiced by celebrities including Jim Parsons as Marlon Bundo and John Lithgow as the evil stinkbug who bears a striking resemblance to Mike Pence and insists boy bunnies can’t fall in love with each other, as well as Ellie Kemper, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and RuPaul.


To get a copy of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo:  click here.

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